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Tequasil Elastocoat

Weight Price Ship Packs
1 Kg 460.00 15 X 1 KG
5 Kg 2150.00 2 X 5 KG
10 Kg 4100.00 1 X 10 KG
25 Kg 9200.00 1 X 25 KG
200 Kg 56250.00 1 X 200 KG
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Tequasil Elastocoat is a premium,pure acrylic, 100% elastomeric, water-based waterproof coating having high film thickness, excellent flexibility, and crack bridging ability and weathering durability. It is highly resistant to debonding, chalking, mildew and discoloration and available in multiple colour shades.

Tequasil Elastocoat provides flexible film with 250% elongation and DFT of 110 microns. It is environment friendly and dirt resistant. It reflects up to 85% of sun’s heat and ultraviolet radiations. It is used as reflective coating/heat insulation for buildings/metal roofs.  It can also be used as waterproof coating for vertical walls, parapet walls, sloping roofs, domes etc.

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