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Tequasil Bitupol

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5 Kg 3250.00 2 X 5 KG
20 Kg 11000.00 1 X 20 KG
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Tequasil Bitupol is a polymer modified bitumen based flexible waterproof membrane with 1000% elongation properties. This black coloured coating has excellent bonding with concrete, masonary, wood and metal surfaces too.  It is a high performance coating that dries to elastic, flexible, impermeable waterproof membrane with very high crack bridging abilities.  

It is used for waterproofing and protection of structure, Concrete, surfaces like podium, landscape garden, terrace garden, planters, basements, subgrade structures like basements, Ug tanks, STP, swimming pool,  etc.

It is an easy and direct (cold applied) application, no preheating required. It also provides an impervious waterproofing membrane that protects concrete structure and brick foundations against chloride and sulphate ions present in soils and water. It is also corrosion resistant and acts as vapour barrier.

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