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Tequasil Bondtight

Weight Price Ship Packs
1 Kg 425.00 15 X 1 KG
5 Kg 1900.00 2 X 5 KG
10 Kg 3500.00 1 x 10 KG
20 Kg 6400.00 1 X 20 KG
50 Kg 11868.75 1 X 50 KG
200 Kg 42750.00 1 X 200 KG
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Tequasil Bondtight is an acrylic based bonding agent used to bond cement sand mortar- to-concrete OR concrete-to-concrete. It is a specially formulated and modified acrylic polymer which makes it best suitable for any structural repairs.  Tequasil Bondtight also has an excellent resistance to Ultraviolet degradation, heat or other chemicals and hence is suitable to be used in external applications.

Tequasil Bondtight is termed as an antihack product because it eliminates the need for hacking of concrete surface before plastering. It provides excellent adhesion to most of the building material and is very economical to use.


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