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Tequasil Vaccine

Weight Price Ship Packs
1 Ltr 150.00 15 X 1 LTR
5 Ltr 650.00 2 X 5 LTR
10 Ltr 1210.00 1 X 10 LTR
20 Ltr 2200.00 1 X 20 LTR
50 Ltr 4275.00 1 X 50 LTR
100 Ltr 6075.00 1 X 200 LTR
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Tequasil Vaccine is an integral waterproofing admixture,a light pink coloured liquid additive for cement concrete/mortar plasters for making mixture cohesive, reducing cracks and capillaries in plaster and concrete and prevent segregation. It is composed of cement compatible surface active agent, polymers and additives.

Just as infants are vaccinated at birth to ensure body free of diseases in future, Tequasil Vaccine is to be added to the concrete or mortar during construction to ensure better health of the structure for many years of construction. It reduces the permeability and increases the durability of concrete/mortar. The Product is as per standard IS 2645: 1983

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